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This tool is most cost effective as opposed to conventional Cement Enhancement tools because it is a flow through Cement Enhancement Tool. The tool does not require a setting device and there is no drilling out afterwards.

The tool is very effective at containing surface casing vent leaks. Because the tool holds a column of cement it is a great tool for cement fall off problems.

Install the flow through cement enhancement tool on the production string one joint inside the surface casing shoe. It is advisable to ensure that the well bore is conditioned to the point where there is a minimal point amount of debris flowing through the tool.

  • 450 Series - 4 1/2" Fits 7" surface casing
  • 550 Series - 5 1/2" Fits 8 5/8" surface casing
  • 700 Series - 7" Fits 9 5/8" surface casing
  • 958 Series - 9 5/8" Fits 13 3/8" surface casing

    Modified sizes available upon request.
  • Details and Features

    Because of the high cost of repairing surface casing vent leaks, the Well Seal 450, 550, 700 and 958 flow through Cement Enhancement Tools are a significant insurance against future liability.